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Annapolis, MD — a delightful combination of history and a zest for living!

You’ll meet your goals and hit your mark adding a great Philly Hops Team Building or Training activity to your time in Annapolis. Team Building at its best, our Innovation Treasure Hunt in Annapolis will have you traveling down old brick sidewalks much as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson did in the days when Annapolis VA was the Capital of the United States.

Squint your eyes as you take a photo for the Philly Hops Photo Treasure Hunt and see a city which looks remarkable similar to what our Founding Fathers saw in their day. What a backdrop for our Shooting Stars On-Demand treasure hunt! Architecturally fantastic, Annapolis boasts some of the finest 17th and 18th Century buildings in the country – including the residences of all four Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Annapolis, Maryland the home of the United States Naval Academy founded in 1845 the perfect setting for a Philanthropic Team Building Program such as our Giving Tree program or Videos That Change Lives program.

For your evenings in Annapolis and some after meeting entertainment enjoy a bonding experience like no other. Have a ball in the private room of a dinning room of one of the great Annapolis restaurants doing our Chocolate Therapy Team Building Program or Wine Maker’s Challenge.

Our team assessments, team development workshops, and team building combination programs offered in Annapolis, Maryland are innovative and always enjoyable. They are designed to reinforce the essential elements that make up an effective team such as trust, communication, collaboration, leadership, active listening and role clarity, incorporating a user-friendly format.

Just click on the programs links below and take a look at a few of the team building and training programs we offer in the Annapolis Maryland area, then give us a call at 215 426-5644.

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