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Charlotte North Carolina is much more then just good old Southern hospitality, it’s now a city with bustling downtown streets and your ticket to an unforgettable team building experience. Team building activities in a city like Charlotte will always leave you amazed!

A city center that accommodates all your team building needs, a Southern charm that makes all your days good days, and the fact that you can walk anywhere makes Charlotte your one stop shop for all the tastes your team may have.

At Philly Hops, we recognize the Queen Cities charming appeal and offer team building activities that will let you relish in all its glory. Learn the cities history and create your own in our Anything Goes Treasure Hunt. Or bask in the welcoming nature of downtown Charlotte with a delectable menu and our Wine Makers Challenge team building activity.So step out to the streets of Charlotte and get a full view of its potential and your team’s too!

Our leadership games, employee morale activities and teambuilding exercises offered in Charlotte are innovative and always fun. They are designed to reinforce the essential elements that make up an effective team such as trust, communication, collaboration, leadership, active listening and role clarity, using a user friend format.

Whether your needs in Charlotte are camaraderie building or targeted team learning, either style event will be sure to engage your participants, generate excitement, inspire conversation, and strengthen relationships.

Just click on the programs links below and take a look at a few of the team building and training programs we offer in the Charlotte, NC., area, then give us a call at 215 426-5644.

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