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From “Steel City” to “Renaissance City”, Pittsburgh has recreated itself over the past several decades. A great place for off-site team building activities, there is a certain flavor about Pittsburgh that tells visitors Pittsburgh is alive, exciting and indeed one of America’s Most Livable Cities! (Pittsburgh was named “America’s Most Livable City” by Places Rated Almanac in 2007.)

Station Square, the charming riverfront restoration of the former Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad Headquarters is a popular complex hosting an array of specialty shops, boutiques and eateries — the perfect location for our team building treasure hunts Amazing Adventure or Polaroid Photo Treasure Hunt.

Or go “On Location” at One Oxford Centre. This 46-story structure with a five-story crystalline atrium boasting multi-levels of designer shops and restaurants could be the perfect venue for your team to become filmmakers, shooting your own “Short Film” (3 minutes) with our Lightening Fast Video movie making program. Or take it one step further and promote your “box office hit” in our new team building program Big Box Office.

These great locations or nearby, CNG Tower and Fifth Avenue Place, with their arcade of fine shops, may have the perfect restaurant for a grand finale evening of dinner and team building entertainment such as our Chocolate Therapy Team Building Program, Wine Maker”s Challenge, or a Customized Murder Mystery.

Team Building Pittsburgh Style

The team development workshops and team building programs offered in Pittsburgh, are innovative, relevant, and memorable. They are designed to reinforce the essential elements that make up an effective team such as trust, communication, collaboration, active listening and role clarity. All our training programs are incorporated in a user-friendly format that will have your teams learning and growing in record time.

Whether your needs in Pittsburgh are camaraderie building or targeted team learning, either style event will be sure to engage your participants, generate excitement, inspire conversation, and strengthen relationships.

Just click on the programs links below and take a look at a few of the team building and training programs we offer in the Pittsburgh, PA area, then give us a call at 215 426-5644.

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