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Princeton, NJ, originally known as Prince Town, is probably the most famous of any town or city in New Jersey. Princeton is known for its famous University, excellent eateries and superb retail shops. For being a relatively small and charming town, it has a huge selection of attractions, stores and restaurants — a wonderful setting for so many Philly Hops outdoor and indoor team building activities.

Palmer Square, located in the heart of downtown Princeton New Jersey, with its stylish collection of shops and restaurants is a perfect backdrop for our Polaroid Photo Treasure Hunt. Built in 1937, Palmer Square was designed with colonial-style buildings of brick, stone, wood and stucco to complement majestic Princeton University across the street.

Team Building Princeton Activities

Princeton has a long history as a film and novel setting. It was the location for films such as “IQ” and F Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “This Side of Paradise.” Why not exercise your “Beautiful Mind” like Russell Crowe by participating in our super-fun brainteaser Game Show Mania in Princeton? Or become a filmmaker yourself shooting your own “Short Film” (5 minutes) with our Lightning Fast Video making program? Or even go one step further and promote your “super hit” in our new team building program Big Box Office.

And after your day in Princeton your team can have a ball in the private room of a restaurant doing our Chocolate Therapy Team Building Program or Wine Maker’s Challenge, or a customized Murder Mystery.

Innovative Team Building Princeton

The team development workshops and team building programs offered in Princeton are innovative, relevant, and memorable. They are designed to reinforce the essential elements that make up an effective team such as trust, communication, collaboration, active listening and role clarity. All our training programs are incorporated in a user-friendly format that will have your teams learning and growing in record time.

Whether your needs in Princeton are camaraderie building or targeted team learning, either style event will be sure to engage your participants, generate excitement, inspire conversation, and strengthen relationships.

Just click on the programs links below and take a look at a few of the team building and training programs we offer in the Princeton area, then give us a call at 215 426-5644.

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