Corporate Team Building Activities

Fun, Business-Focused Team Building in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and nationwide.

Team Building Activity in New York Our team building programs encourage high performance teamwork in a challenging yet playful atmosphere. They are interactive, engaging, and full of humor. Whether your group needs to work on their team process, or simply bond through a fun experience, Philly Hops has the program to meet your needs.

Our Results-Oriented Team Building Programs Can Improve your team process by:
  • Rewarding and celebrating team success
  • Building camaraderie and collaboration
  • Training staff in a fun, memorable way
  • Increasing motivation, inspiration and energy!
  • Create an atmosphere where healthy risk-taking is fun
  • Release team stress during a busy period
  • Increase creativity and experience an opportunity for imaginative thinking
  • Encourage the heart and passion within a team
  • Adds excitement to your team experience

How We Do It?

Philly Hops staff includes award winning games designers, professional team building trainers, special event planners, and improvisational comedy experts. Together they create innovative multi-functional team building in the Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC areas as well as nationally. Whether working with food or action-style team building Treasure Hunt and Mysteries Philly Hops offerings include targeted team learning including workshops and Assessments. All can be customized to your group’s needs. Who says fun can’t be serious? Whether your goal is to train, motivate or create a fun shared experience, Philly Hops is a one-stop shop with a wide variety of choices. Choices that range from one hour team building programs to fit into an existing meeting or event, to 1 and 2-day weekend retreats. Major corporations like our recent clients, US Airways, Bayer, Mars, Ikea and TV-Guide understood the value of a Philly Hops team building program. See our Client List, read testimonials, browse our photos and videos for great examples, then CONTACT US to help transform your individual employees into a motivated, inspired and energetic team. Special Announcement:

Team Building in Philadelphia, Washington and New York

A message to our clients, friends and staff. Fall is nearing, a very busy time, and we’d like to reach out to our clients, friends, and staff. We have been in the team building business since 1998. Our home base, Philadelphia, has been a constant source of inspiration for us to produce sensational new programs. Philadelphia has proven to be a perfect city for creating and offering unique team building activities. With time we have expanded out, inspired in all directions but especially inspired by the cities and surrounding areas of New York and Washington. We knew when offering team building in New York and Washington we would be challenged to provide some fantastic team initiatives. New York and Washington are two wonderful, thought-provoking cities with so much depth that our team building programs had to stand up to their scrutiny. We think we’ve accomplished our job. We are now looking to expand our network of leaders and facilitators in the trio of Philadelphia, Washington and New York. To bring new experiential team building facilitators into our fold. Our facilitators have always been a high energy, exciting crew. They are sensitive to the needs and desires of our clients and well versed in the experiential training model. We are also interested in finding more leadership workshop leaders in Washington, New York and Philadelphia. So, please, if you live in Philadelphia, Washington or New York, or their surrounding areas and have these skills, let us start a conversation. Special Article:

Philly Hops Team Building New York

Few company investments infuse energy, enthusiasm and cooperation in employees and coworkers like properly conducted New York team building activities. Companies holding team building programs in New York have been improving office relationships, inter-departmental communication and productivity for years, besides having a lot of fun and inspiring their employees to perform at their highest level. Philly Hops is a New York team building production company with a long list of well renowned and satisfied clients. Our expertise in designing team building games, like treasure hunts and cooking team building, and special events to meet the needs of our various clients has distinguished Philly Hops as the foremost team building company in New York. If your company employees could use a boost in energy, enthusiasm and cooperation, or even a reward for doing a job well done, Philly Hops provides a wide range of fun and exciting team building ideas for our New York audience that can be customized to meet the needs of your specific situation. With Philly Hops handling your next team building program in New York, it is not only sure to be a smash hit, but to improve overall employee productivity too.