Pay close attention to the many team building scavenger hunts being offered this year and you’ll notice an increased maturity and development among the standard selections.

With a new appreciation of gamified experience, participant interactivity and integrated leadership training, the treasure hunts of the past have a new lease on life. While today’s array of team building events goes far beyond the treasure hunt format, the genre still remains popular.

For reasons of convenience and accessibility, corporate groups are still attracted to scavenger hunt-style programs, though the audience has evolved to expect a more sophisticated experience. Today’s team building treasure hunts often overlap into other, more innovative team exercise formats, and incorporate communication training, leadership development or more specialized creative or analytical perspectives, providing a full team experience that is customized to a group’s dynamics. Today’s teams demand more cleverly designed and delivered workshops and events, suited to their specific goals and personalities.

As the team building industry evolves, so does one of its most durable and traditional exercises. Treasure Hunts have come a long way!