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With so much to see and do at the Wilmington Riverfront it’s the perfect location for a Philly Hops Team Building Scavenger Hunt. From outlet shops to restaurants to contemporary art, Riverfront Wilmington Delaware is a fantastic, high energy setting perfect to stage a Philly Hops Movie Making team exercise, Innovation Treasure Hunt or Anything Goes Video Hunt

The Wilmington Market Street Mall is six-block pedestrian concourse. This focal point for downtown Wilmington would inspire photos galore when your team has some fun with a Limousine Treasure Hunt. The northern end of the Mall, anchored by the architecturally acclaimed Rodney Square — just picture perfect! The central blocks of the Mall is a great location for dinner when choosing from the eclectic mix of restaurants available. Your team will have a ball in the private room of a dinning room of one of these restaurants doing our Chocolate Therapy Team Building Program, or Wine Makers Challenge.

A Comedy Improv Workshop, Murder Mystery or exciting Live Game Show in Wilmington can bring out the positive energy in your group. Positive growth is one of the goals of every Philly Hops Team Building program, and the fabulous Wilmington area provides an excellent backdrop for achieving all of your team building goals.

The workshops and team building programs offered in Wilmington Delaware are innovative, relevant, and memorable. They are designed to reinforce the essential elements that make up an effective team such as trust, communication, collaboration, active listening and role clarity. All our training programs are incorporated in a user friendly format that will have your teams learning and growing in record time.

Whether your needs in Wilmington are camaraderie building or targeted team learning, either style event will be sure to engage your participants, generate excitement, inspire conversation, and strengthen relationships.

Just click on the programs links below and take a look at a few of the team building and training programs we offer in the Wilmington, DE area, then give us a call at 215 426-5644.

Team Building Programs