Team Building

Culinary Challenges Team Building in NYC

Culinary Challenges

Philly Hops is the innovator of one-of-a-kind team building activities designed with food as the focus! If you love chocolate, adore wine, cherish cheese or love any other delicious culinary category and want a multi-layered challenge with training and fun combined – these are for you. In these, our best-selling programs, food is the focus and training is cleverly disguised as fun!


Cooking Team Building Programs in Washington

Cooking Programs

A study in collaboration, your team won’t believe the delicious, gourmet food they create when they practice team building chef-style. Unlike many other cooking team building programs our programs are designed and lead by an impressive group of credentialed, professional chefs. All Programs are based on kitchen availability in your location.


Team Building Scavenger Hunt in Philadelphia

Treasure Hunts and Scavenger Hunts

You know what you’re looking for! (or do you?) Philly Hops has the best selection of unique Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Programs anywhere. These one-of-a-kind programs emphasize great team building principles and work well with any of our professional Debriefing options..


Team Building Philanthropic Programs in New York

Philanthropic Team Building

Lend a helping hand to those in need with any of our innovative and highly impactful Philanthropic Team Building Programs. Your group can make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.


Team Building Movie Making Events in Washington

Movie Making

Creating a movie is a famous example of team effort, and we have some amazing, innovative team building exercises that combine movie making skills and experience with great team skill building results.


Team Building Games & Challenges Programs in Philadelphia

Games and Challenges

Nothing brings people together faster and more effectively than a well-designed game. Philly Hops has a diverse set of innovative group games that facilitate team thinking, team strategy and team success. Clever team board games, game shows and fast-paced competitions provide unlimited options for your group’s serious play!


Corporate Murder Mysteries Team Building Events in NY

Murder Mysteries

Everyone loves a good mystery. How about becoming part of one? We have a great selection of crowd-pleasing and team bonding Murder Mystery events that deliver professional results and feature complete customization.