Team Building Cooking ProgramTeam Benefits

Building team spirit
Problem Solving
Communication Skills
Maintain a can-do approach
Time Management

Teamwork is on the Menu

Team Iron Chef is one of our very popular Team Cooking Programs

Teams get creative in this exciting surprise-filled twist on the TV classic! A high-energy collaborative event where the ingredients combine for unpredictable yet satisfying results!

Each team can select from a wide variety of ingredients, and must find innovative ways to create mouth-watering dishes in record time! PLUS we twist it up with a surprise Secret Ingredient (of course!)

Team Iron Chef blends the best of experiential team building with the excitement of a cooking TV show! Competition quickly becomes cooperation as everyone learns to work together in the kitchen!

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 6-200
Program Length: 2 – 3 hrs. The program can be customized to be longer according to your needs or the size of your group. Location: A function room, a hotel ballroom at a conference center. Kitchen facilities may be required.