Team Building ArticleTeam building is any situation or exercise that promotes unity among a group. The group can be part of a business or organization, but team building is effective with any type of group. For the purposes of this article we will consider team building in a business environment.

The benefits of team building have been proven time and time again, which is why there are so many resources available to help you achieve your goals. Let’s look at some of those benefits.  


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of team building is the resulting bond between the members after the exercise is complete. While co-workers relate to each other one way in the workplace, they will relate to each other a whole new way while on a team building exercise. Participants from various levels of management and departments will need to work together as equals, allowing people to view each other as individuals rather than co-workers. This gives them a chance to bond, as opposed to only having a working or business relationship.


If office productivity isn’t where it should be, but the cause isn’t easily identifiable, team building can help to bring the groups strengths and weaknesses to light. By placing employees in a variety of situations that require them to work together as a solid unit, it may be easier to pinpoint the reason that projects are delayed and productivity isn’t up to where it should be. Recognizing that there are communication issues, personality challenges or silo issues within your organization is the first step towards solving the problem and getting the company back on track.


Nothing can benefit an organization more than a boost in morale. Unhappy or dissatisfied employees are detrimental to a companies’ productivity and the attitude can spread like wildfire. Allowing your group time to have fun and avoid the pressures and politics of the office can provide a much needed boost, release some stress, and restore a sense of pride and purpose back in to the game. The benefits of team building can be felt at every level and can go a long way towards improving your work environment and flow. By encouraging your participants to find success as a group rather than individually you are showing them what they are capable of both in and out of the office.