Everyone loves a great Treasure Hunt!   

It’s a time-honored favorite in corporate team building events. Whether you call them team Scavenger Hunts or Treasure Hunts, Philly Hops has produced some very interesting and effective alternatives to the typical hunt. Even if your group has participated in a hunt-style activity before and maybe tired of the standard approach, Philly Hops has created some amazing games that turn the old hunt on it’s head!

Here are three popular choices that take Team Hunts in an all-new direction:

  • Anything Goes Treasure Hunt: The perfect hunt for any location, any group size, and any goal. This enjoyable game gives teams freedom to choose what they will find and how they will find iThe Anything Goes Hunt is flexible and completely adaptable to any environment, whether it’s urban, suburban, or rural. The exercise emphasizes creativity, humor, and brainstorming.                                  
  • Limousine Hunt: A luxurious way to explore and discover. Teams are driven around and must employ a strategy for every move, in their quest to find nearby treasures.  A fast-paced alternative that promotes friendly team bonding and collaboration.
  • Innovation Hunt: The ‘thinking person’s’ Treasure Hunt, this exciting event allows teams to locate an assortment of items that fit categories and return those items for a fascinating group phase that is all about Innovation and Finding Solutions. Team also draft sketches or diagrams, then propose clever new inventions that help the world in a hilarious presentation segment. Perfect for brainstorming and problem-solving.Just remember, Treasure Hunts aren’t the same old same old same old. There are many exciting options out there!