Washington Team Building AdventuresWashington DC Team Building Adventures

are a great idea to encourage and compliment teamwork in a city rich in diversity and culture.

Being the seat of the federal government does not mean that all you will find in Washington DC are stiff and formal ladies and gentlemen. On the contrary, a lot of fun and excitement is available through booking a program that includes a Washington DC team building workshop.

The city’s rich history, both current and not-too-recent is almost inexhaustible. Here you will find the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Capital Building, the Jefferson Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian Museums, the National Zoo and the Old Town Alexandria. All of these make Washington DC team building an ideal resource for a getaway team building adventure. At Philly Hops, we encourage all stressed out teams lucky enough to participate in a Washington team building program to unwind and re-energize, and in the process be sure to appreciate their team diversity – a pillar of the modern-day corporate world.

The essential elements that help create a team that works like a well-oiled machine – trust, communication, collaboration, leadership and role clarity – will be developed to reap organizations maximum benefits. An enthusiasm for diversity in team-mate personalities and styles also goes a long way as part of the process.

One high energy and fun activity which you can use to treat team members or colleagues while participating in Washington team building is the program Chocolate Therapy. It is aptly labeled as therapy because it addresses the employee’s need for releasing pent up pressures and stresses that the corporate world’s ways inevitably leads to. Yet, it is extremely relevant and being conducted in a light-hearted manner, it is fun vehicle for learning. What makes it even more motivating is enjoying the world’s favorite treat – chocolate – which energizes the entire activity further. Using friendly formats, the chocolate therapy program enables employees to acquire and put to use the essential skills of cooperation, collaboration, business acumen and leadership in a very short period of time.

A simple but highly interactive adventure, the chocolate therapy can have as few as 10 people or as many as 200. These are divided into teams of between 5 and 10 and in a period averaging two hours. The team participates in an activity that simulates the entire business process from initial concept all the way to marketing and promotion. The participating teams are each assigned a unique flavor of chocolate, which is then hidden away in a sea of other samples, all of them highly delicious and very creatively presented.

The team’s task then is to find their unique flavor and, using team members’ imagination, decide on ways of creating and marketing their new chocolate remedy. To cap it all, team members are required to develop a one-minute commercial for their team product and make a presentation of this commercial in front of the other teams. Chocolate Therapy is not only a fun learning experience, it is also highly flexible.

It can be held in a variety of places – in restaurants and conference rooms or private rooms anywhere. And be confident possible Washington DC team building locations are plentiful.