When teams have fun, they are positioned to absorb positive lessons. Sometimes, this impact is very subtle and gradual, and is really driven by the experiential aspect of the activity.  When people share an experience, they learn more about each other, strengths, weaknesses, bonding lessons. The impact is more obvious with high quality debriefing.

The Entertainment side is best when not passive, but rather, when interactive. For example, in our Fast Video Challenge program, teams don’t watch movies, they make them .. then watch them. The more interactive the entertainment, the more investment the team members make and therefore, the more value they can receive.

The Training side can be seamlessly integrated into the program with specific lessons or principles being addressed.

Well integrated training content is not going to be obvious but is truly eye-opening when revealed in a well-done debrief session. It’s good to ‘hide the lessons’ in the fun, because teams will absorb best during the experience if they don’t have their ‘learning hats’ on.

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