I’d like to introduce myself. I am Betty Robinson, the owner of Philly Hops.

I’d like to take a little time at the launching of this blog to tell you a little about Philly Hops, where we have been and my vision for the company.

Philly Hops started in 1998, and has experienced much evolution along the way. I guess that comes from one of one of my loves/skills – change management. I am sure it relates to my DiSC personality type, or Myers Briggs results.

But, I will say I am really happy with where Philly Hops is heading today. The direction I see is the use of creativity to help team have fun while bonding and building team skills. It is so great to see teams having fun, being amazingly creative and inspired at the same time. I “never cease to be amazed” with the creative fun stuff a team will come up with when tasked with a project that inspire them and allow them to be themselves.

We have one thing all team all automatically do when running a program. We always want to be sure to give teams permission to have outrageous fun from the first exercise. One reason is fun inspires creativity. Using humor inspires people to let their guard down with others and by doing so have a great time. This is the best situation to generate team bonding and team building – someone “being themselves” comes from trust and trust is the foundation of the team building process. Humor is the first step in building trust through bonding.

Well anyway, back to where I started, my introduction. My background (or part of it… this has to do with my “change management” personality) is in the hospitality field. I was a professional chef for many years in the French restaurants of Philadelphia. (That was quite a long time ago I might add.) You may notice our high number of Cooking and Culinary team building programs. That builds off my interest and “hobby” of food these days… what’s that old quote… “Old foodies never die…they just fade away?” And because food is famous for bringing people together as they “Break Bread Together.” We have added and are still adding a lot of culinary team building activities.

Culinary team building is programs that revolve around food but in which actual “cooking” does not take place. I think we are cutting edge for our culinary and cooking team building programs… which we love. One other thing about the culinary field that relates to team building is a “real” chef and hospitality worker’s love of excellence in “service” — which manifests itself in high-end culinary endeavors.

The desire only to give the customer the “best”… a drive to produce something of beauty and not being happy unless this takes place. Well, anyway, this blog is getting a little long. It’s a good beginning. I wasn’t sure I would have anything to say… but the floodgates broke!

You’ll be hearing more from me and the people who work with me. I hope this blog entertains you and keeps you informed along the way.