Team Building Corporate ActivitiesWhat Is Team Building? And Why You Might Like It…

First off, a group may consist of people who have never met before, or work in different departments and don’t communicate much with each other, or know each other well, but could use some time to bond over a mutual task that is different for them. Regardless of the group type, team building events can fulfill a range of purposes, whether it’s developing a fun atmosphere to let people be more creative and innovative, or activities that promote healthy collaboration and communication. No matter the goal, team building exercises have some common elements you have may not have considered.

1. Shared Experience: A lot can be said of the bonding that comes from undergoing a challenge with others as a team. When multiple people work on the same tasks, they learn to depend on one another, and practice roles, responsibilities and leadership skills. The reward when rising to the challenge as team can also be shared and that has great emotional impact.

2. Remember By Doing: Some learn by reading. Some learn by listening. But everyone learns by doing. Experiential team building has great impact because participants ‘live’ the lesson. These events create wonderful opportunities to get group members involved through active input, leadership roles, and trial and error. Depending on the goal, teams can absorb important teachable moments or take away much-needed new perspectives.

3. The Impact of Fun: The best team building exercises incorporate a great sense of play, and those positive experiences make long-lasting impressions. Not only will the group look forward to the event, and enjoy it during the day, but they will leave with memories that will carry into their daily routines.

4. Breaking the Routine: Team Building can work best when groups are taken from their normal environment or tasks (or both!) and undergo all-new experiences. This not only challenges them t work together in new ways, but can make room for more expressive thinking and strategy. This is how out-of-box thinking can really be supported.

5. Everyone Involved: Truly impactful activities allow, and encourage, everyone to be involved 100%. The best ones actually make participation so attractive, every team member will be excited to contribute and will insist on it! . With events like these, many team members will ‘rise’ to the occasion and display possibly unknown positive traits. Conclusion: When considering the next team activity for a group, try to identify how different proposals address these five factors. Your organization will be thankful for the best team experience that can be provided, and these five issues are a big part of that potential success.