Team Building Activities Promote TrustTeam Building & Trust

Everyone calls it Team Building…

Yet so much of what we do and aim to do, is based on ‘Trust Building.’  Groups that develop trust make an effort to cultivate “willingness” – the willingness to participate, experience and grow together. They also incorporate individual team member roles when they tackle missions.

Trust is a foundation that is built by experiences. How do we start that process? With mutual respect, freedom of expression, all-for-one participation, shared accountability and shared rewards. With such a healthy environment, trust can flourish and high performance teams are born.

Ongoing and memorable shared experiences based on trust, such as those great Team Building programs offer, allow teams to develop the collective skills that become invaluable in everyday work. Teams learn to:
  • • clarify goals
  • • assess strengths & weaknesses
  • • design strategies to improve performance
Trust-Building opens the pathway for a group to evolve into a team that operates at optimum levels of performance, something everyone hopes for and expects in a team!

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