Philly Hops offers proprietary programs created by our team in house. Included in these is the largest offering of culinary and cooking team building programs in the country– created and designed by professional chefs.

Emphasis on Customer Service

With a background in the high-end service fields, we have long been known for our “flexibility” and consider the requirements and desires of our clients paramount. We live by the adage “the customer is always right”.


Background in Special Event Planning

Because of our strong background in event management we know what makes a impactful event/program. Naturally blending the training and development side of a program with the “fun” event-style side makes an unstoppable combination.

High Quality

We are not happy unless we are producing the highest quality programs possible. We are constantly honing our programs, always with the client’s goals and comfort in mind. Our prices are reasonable but we never cut quality. Our goal is to exceed expectations at every event.