Team building in New York City can really leave a sweet taste in the mouth when you participate in the team building activity The Wine Maker’s Challenge. Come and experience New York City — Uncorked!

This program is a sure fire way to bring out your team’s ingenuity and energy, create team bonding, and inspire lots of laughs along the way. New York City is a travel destination, an art and fashion capital, and a world business center all in one. The frenetic hustle and bustle of the city is something distinctly associated with New York and the epitome of the big city life.

For company employees out to celebrate, to get to know each other better, or to unwind from the rat race, team building in New York has suddenly got so much tastier with the advent of the Wine Maker’s Challenge team building program. Because the activity centers on good wine it is recommended that the team building activity take place indoors, preferably in a hotel function room, or a private room in a restaurant.

What better place then New York City for this, the Capital of Cuisine with more great restaurants then anywhere in the world and so many wonderful hotels famous for their knowledge of food and wine? To begin the team building activity teams participate in a tasting of three wines and are then given a premise that will become their mission. They are told something new is happening within their company. The company is about to inherit a winery from a client who just died – a famous comedian. But in order to inherit the winery the client insisted certain conditions be met.

One of these stipulations is the teams must each come out with or “launch” a new wine – promoted by a humorous marketing plan they must now invent together. Talk about thinking on your feet! This activity is playful and full of humor with a comical end product, so one can expect fun and humor to be the “main course” continuing through the duration of the activity and on through the day or night. This program often takes place in a private dinning room just before a meal.

With an exercise as creative and humor inspiring as this, you can be sure the participants will let down their hair and their social guard and build trust in each other. This sets the stage for opening the lines of communication; exactly as what team building activities are meant to do. So take out the wine glasses and let’s make a toast to the success of the company, the “new wine” and to the Wine Makers Challenge in New York City.