Team Building Wine Makers Challenge in PhiladelphiaWINE MAKER’S TEAM BUILDING PROGRAM


The response from our managers was enthusiastic and unanimous. The program addressed all the goals we discussed during the planning phase, and the exercises were pertinent, instructional, and entirely entertaining.

– K.S. Division Manger, Premium Services, Aramark

This program is one of our Food Lover’s Team Building Programs An exercise that brings out the best in your teams, engaging their energy and creativity through the vehicle of positive humor. Research has shown that humor, used appropriately, does more than create good will. It also dramatically enhances creative and cognitive thinking, builds rapport, and reduces stress. That’s why organizations that use humor well tend to attract and retain the best-qualified people and inspire them to excel.

The Premise (Or One Customized To Your Business Model)

You are a group of doctors who are partners in a successful practice in Beverly Hills. A grateful patient has included a surprising gift for the practice in his last will and testament. This patient, a famous comedian, had long ago invested in vineyard land in the Napa Valley. Now his prime piece of wine country real estate is about to be inherited by the practice as a group.

However, the comedian included an unusual condition in his will. The doctors may only retain ownership if they create a new wine and market the wine in a humorous fashion. The name of the wine, its label design, an entire marketing campaign must be created and be FUNNY or ownership of the vineyard will revert back to the comedian’s estate. The partnership’s reputation is at stake here – and your retirement fund! Can your teams save the day?

Minimum/Maximum Group Size: 10 – 200 
Program Length: 2 hours approximately
Location: A private room in a restaurant, ballroom or meeting space of your choice.

**Since Philly Hops does not have a liquor license the price of this program does not include (any room rental costs or) the cost of the food or wine/alcohol. These costs will be determined by your site selection and paid to the site according to your consumption. The estimate for the wine used in the program is $12.00 – $15.00 per person.